World Cup travel tips for fans issued by Foreign Office


Six top tips have been issued to travelling supporters of England and Wales with a month to go to the World Cup kick off in Qatar

“Following these tips will help fans avoid preventable problems and enjoy the tournament,” the FCDO said.

Anyone from the UK planning to attend the World Cup is advised by the government to:

  • Prepare before you go via a checklist giving practical steps that fans need to think about before they head off to the tournament, from passport validity to health prescriptions.
  • Read travel advice and sign up for e-mail alerts. World Cup-specific information can be found at Qatar travel advice is kept under constant review so fans should sign up for email alerts to stay up to date on the latest developments throughout the tournament.
  • Follow the entry requirements for Qatar. To enter Qatar, fans must have a Hayya Card (a form of fan ID), as well as proof of a negative Covid-19 result through a valid PCR or rapid antigen test certificate. Accommodation must be arranged before travelling out.
  • Get travel insurance. Without it, fans risk medical bills which may run to thousands of pounds. Fans should check that insurance covers them for all destinations, medical needs, Covid-19 costs and planned activities.
  • Qatari laws and customs are very different to those in the UK. There may be serious penalties for doing something that is not an offence in the UK. The availability of alcohol, and associated laws, will be different to previous tournaments.
  • Steer clear of drugs. Qatar takes a zero tolerance approach and visitors can expect a severe penalty for the possession of even residual amounts. Punishment can include lengthy custodial sentences.

The UK will have a consular presence in Qatar and across the region throughout the tournament. 


British nationals needing help or advice will be able to contact the FCDO by phone 24/7 on +44 (0)20 7008 5000 or by calling the embassy locally on +974 4496 2000. Fans in Qatar can access the Qatari emergency services by dialling 999.

Fans planning to travel elsewhere in the region should check the travel advice for each location they plan to visit or transit through, according to the FCDO. Rules and requirements will vary from country to country.

Foreign secretary James Cleverly said: “The countdown to the World Cup is on, with only a month to go until the action kicks off in Qatar.

“We want all travelling Brits to enjoy their World Cup experience, and they are more likely to do so if they prepare before they go.

“Following our six top tips and signing up to Qatar travel advice email alerts will help fans have the best possible time at the tournament.

“The FCDO is working closely with a range of partners, including the Football Associations, fan representatives and UK police, to provide practical information and advice to travelling supporters.”

England manager Gareth Southgate said: “With only one month to go, I would suggest anyone travelling to the World Cup signs up for the UK government’s travel alerts.

“As well as keeping them across all the information they need, they will get important tips too for getting the most out of following England away.”

Wales manager Rob Page said: “Everyone in Wales is looking forward to seeing Cymru in the World Cup, our first appearance in the competition since 1958.

“For those fans who are travelling to Qatar, we know how excited they are to be watching Cymru play at the tournament but it’s incredibly important that they keep up to date with the very latest information and advice.

“For the best possible experience, we advise our fans to sign-up to the Qatar travel advice email alerts.”